Why YAI?

YAI becomes an Automated Diversified Adaptive Yield Asset that constantly leverages the best market opportunities and trends in the fast changing landscape of DeFi so you can yield like a pro without making DeFi your full time job. Or rather not having to deal with DeFi at all.

How does it work?

SupremeDAO operates as an on-chain fund, deploying various multi-step strategies designed to generate yield. The yield produced by these strategies is directly reflected in the price of our YAI ( Yield Automated Instrument ). This structure means that users can simply hold YAI to earn yield, as its value inherently captures the performance and profitability of SupremeDAO's diverse yield-generating strategies.

This streamlined approach allows users to benefit from yield generation without the need to actively manage individual investments. SupremeDAO is committed to ensuring that the assets of YAI holders are strategically allocated in the most profitable and risk-minimized strategies.

The simplified formula for calculating the price of YAI is:

  • Net Yield of Strategies refers to the total yield generated from all the strategies deployed by SupremeDAO

  • Vault Value is the total value of assets held in SupremeDAO's strategies and collateral

  • YAI Supply is the total number of YAI tokens in circulation

The issuance of YAI will be governed by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) system, which provides the flexibility to mint or burn YAI tokens at any given moment. This dynamic mechanism allows for real-time adjustment of YAI supply in response to market conditions, ensuring that the token issuance remains aligned with the underlying value of the assets managed by SupremeDAO.

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