SupremeDAO Introduction

Since the DeFi summer of 2020, the number of DeFi projects has grown exponentially. One of the main challenges in the DeFi landscape is that it is really hard to navigate within the diverse ecosystem and distinguish signal from noise. It is expected from DeFi participants to spend significant time researching multiple novel financial mechanics in order to make an informed capital allocation decision.

SupremeDAO is aiming to utilize decentralized governance techniques and network effects in order to narrow down information asymmetry. Our mission is to lower the entry barrier for both casual DeFi participants, DeFi savvy professionals and decentralized autonomous organizations, enabling them to partake in the wealth generation possibilities of advanced multi-step DeFi strategies.

SupremeDAO's strategic plan unfolds in three pivotal steps to enhance our presence in the DeFi ecosystem and offer innovative solutions to our users.

  1. Launching Automated Strategies: The initial phase involves the rollout of automated strategies centered around existing liquidity pools managed by our partner organizations. SupremeDAO will provide the necessary infrastructure, including smart contracts and a dApp. This setup will grant users access to individual multi-step strategies, enabling automated yield farming and optimizing veTokenomics, leveraging existing opportunities in the DeFi space.

  2. Introducing SUP and Establishing DAO-Governed Liquidity Pools: The second step marks the launch of SupremeDAO’s governance token, SUP. Concurrently, we will establish DAO-governed liquidity pools on major Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). By integrating our own liquidity into future strategies, SupremeDAO aims to foster a symbiotic relationship between value creation for DAO members and users of our products.

  3. Releasing YAI Token: The final step is the introduction of YAI, the flagship product of SupremeDAO. YAI represents a significant advancement in simplifying participation in our strategies and liquidity management. Users will have the ability to mint YAI in exchange for liquid tokens, which are then automatically allocated to SupremeDAO’s strategies. The yield generated by these strategies will be directly reflected in YAI's price, providing a seamless and efficient investment experience for our users.

All the strategic steps undertaken by SupremeDAO culminate in the emergence of YAI, an innovative token that encapsulates diverse, high-yield strategies into a single instrument. This approach significantly lowers the barrier to entry for individual investors and bolsters security through strategy diversification.

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